Essex Street Academy is a New York City public school, located in the Lower East Side of New York, dedicated to holistically educating students through project-based learning. Our population reflects the diversity of the city, as well as the resources and challenges.  To respond to the needs of our students, a majority of whom qualify for free or reduced lunch by federal poverty guidelines, our school offers the following unique components:

·         An average class size of 20 students

·         A comprehensive afterschool program where teachers volunteer afterschool until 5:30 pm

·         All 9th graders complete a two-day camp experience and all 11th graders participate in two college trips.

·         Required four year coursework of all subject areas, including the arts

·         A full-time college advisor and a college bound curriculum throughout the four grades

·         Self-contained summer school, Saturday and budding travel program

The results are phenomenal.  

The school has been able to secure an 85% graduation rate for its students and 98% college acceptance rate.  70% of our students go on to pursue bachelors’ degrees and 30% pursue associates degrees.  All these numbers are well above the city and national averages for students of color as well as the general population.  Unfortunately, city budget cuts have forced the school to increasingly look to private fundraising in order to support its travel, afterschool, Saturday School, alumni outreach and college programs. With the 3% cut that occurred in the 2011-2012 academic year, the school must raise over $100,000 to ensure its quality programming.    

Wallace Simpson, Principal                                                                                                 Nick Tapino, Assistant Principal 

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