We are grateful for the incredibly hardworking and dedicated staff at Essex Street Academy.

Wallace Simpson, Principal

Nick Tapino, Assistant Principal             Susie Kang, Operations Manager 


Jane Collins

Greg Fisher

Jenny Platow

Jackson Shafer

Caitlin Thomas


Jackson Shafer

Adrienne West

Counseling and Wellness

Agustina Cordes-Moulton

Gabe Fermin

Jenny McCue

Denise Petrillo

Mike Rivera

 Social Studies 

David Russell

Monique Velazquez 

Cyndy Ware

Lynn Yellen

College Advising

Meghan Gray


Leslee Addington

Sarah Ahmed

Daniel August

Nora Madsen

Pearl Ohm

Physical Education

James Campbell


Chris Barley

Stacy Blair


Neha Chheda

Susie Kang

Liz Maron

Rosa Moshi

Cristie Praeger


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